Why Tupperware is Going Global with Spoke® LMS

Tuesday, 7/24/18, 3pm EST

Tupperware and Spoke
Like many Fortune 500 companies, Tupperware has a growing multinational workforce, which increases their need to deliver training in several languages in addition to English.

Join Matthew Adnams, Sr. Instructional Designer/Facilitator at Tupperware, and Dave Romero, Chief Product Officer at Unboxed Technology, for a conversational webinar where you’ll learn:

  • The challenges and opportunities of training a global workforce
  • How the Spoke® LMS enables organizations to train their multinational audience

Increase Training Completion Rates by More Than 5X with Spoke® LMS

Wednesday, 7/25, 11am

Spoke learning management system
In an ideal world, employees would complete training with gusto, but in reality, they need a little nudge. That’s why we built our LMS Spoke®.

Spoke can help your company:

  • Drive 4X more usage than your current platform and increase your ROI
  • Increase speed to employee competencies
  • Create a culture of continuous learning with 2.5X increase in non-required training

Learn why companies like Comcast, PNC Bank, Anthem, Tupperware, and Hilton partner with Unboxed.