Warning! You’re Losing Sales By Not Using Guided Selling (Infographic)

September 25, 2015

Sales executives are in growth mode. And with guided selling, that growth is achievable.Sales cycles are 27% faster, more leads convert into customers, and more reps meet their quotas.

This infographic explores how sales organizations can reap the benefits of guided selling tools.

Guided selling infographic

More GUided Selling Resources

Want to learn more about guided selling and how it can benefit your sales team, your customers, and your bottom line? Here are a few additional resources.

If you’re looking to add guided selling into your sales toolkit, check out Unboxed Advisor. Advisor is a sales enablement platform that uses guided selling to connect your reps to your customers, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.

About the Author

Brian Leach As Unboxed's CEO, Brian oversees new business development, partnerships, client engagement, and the strategic direction for Unboxed. He has nearly 30 years of retail industry expertise, serving in multiple roles that focused on improving the customer experience. He loves spending time with his family, cooks like he’s the next Iron Chef, and enjoys a good bike ride whenever he can hit the open road.

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