Spoke social LMS learning management sytem

The Affordable Social LMS That Makes Your Life Easier

Because an LMS Should Be Simple, Engaging, & Affordable

It’s 2018. Nobody should have to put up with an expensive, limiting, clunky LMS. You need a learning platform that keeps up with the growing demands of your business and is one step ahead of the needs of your employees.

And, perhaps most importantly, you want to be proud of the learning experience you’re providing and even save money while doing it. Like most of our clients, you probably feel like you deserve better. And, you’re right. Meet Spoke.

Spoke social LMS learning management system

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learning management system admin portal

Intuitive User Interface & Admin Portal

Save time with simple step-by-step wizards, checkboxes, and drag-and-drop functionality to create a personalized experience for each of your employees.

powerful social LMS reporting

Powerful Reporting

Know and grow your business with real-time interactive dashboards, stunning user transcripts, reporting APIs, and optional business intelligence reports.

learning management system integrations

Seamless Integration

Maximize usage by easily connecting Spoke with the other tools you use every day like your HRIS and CRM using APIs and Single Sign-on.

learning management system support

Real-Human Support

Give us a call – we’ll answer the phone. With over 1-million courses launched and years of experience partnering with some of the largest worldwide brands, our Spoke Support team is here to make your life easier.

social LMS pricing

Flexible Pricing

Lower your cost to provide training. On average, we save companies at least 10% over their existing LMS. We’ll work with you to affordably transition out of your current LMS contract. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

I have to tell you how grateful I am for Spoke’s user-friendliness. It makes my job a lot easier! Thanks for all of your hard work on making this a positive experience!

Spoke has led to increased performance for every team member. They connect with each other in the Community and tell me they can’t wait for more training to earn coins!

We’ve had an extremely positive experience with Spoke. The platform is easy to navigate. It’s intuitive. Nothing is buried. And we love the open communication with Unboxed.

Honestly, we couldn’t imagine working with a better partner than Unboxed. The entire [Spoke] team consistently has our back. We have a partnership where we have the opportunity to influence the product, and that feels really good as a customer.

My Spoke Account Manager was amazing. I never felt like she was telling me ‘Here’s the template, give us what we need.' Her customer service was extraordinary.

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Stop over-paying for features you don’t use. Spoke is a one-stop shop for the training, resources, communication, and motivation you’ve been looking for.

Social learning management system with blended and personalized learning

Blended and Personalized Learning

Organize your eLearning, classroom training, learning activities, and job-aids in one place.


Spoke Teams reduces the noise and only shows employees what’s relevant to them.

Social LMS

Collaborative and Social Learning

Empower your employees to connect with and learn from each other in a simple, searchable environment.


Spoke Community puts the “social” in social LMS by allowing employees to ask questions and share expertise to keep the learning going.

Social LMS with built in communication tools

Built-in Communication

Bridge the gap between training and communication with targeted and engaging news articles, email newsletters, and notifications.


Spoke News lets you announce new training and share employee-specific company updates.

Social learning management system with real-world gamification

Real-world Gamification 

Motivate and engage employees by letting them earn coins, unlock badges, level up, and climb the leaderboard.


Spoke Rewards takes LMS gamification to the next level by letting employees redeem coins for real-world prizes.

Spoke social LMS is completely configurable and customizable

Configuration and Customization

Create a personalized employee experience by configuring the branding, navigation, widgets, and other settings to match your needs.


The ultra-simple Admin Portal lets you configure and customize features without a software programming degree.

Spoke is a secure social LMS

Security and Technology

Trust in a secure, scalable, tested, cloud-based platform powered by Microsoft and Amazon.


Enterprise-level security, daily database backups, and 24-hour monitoring protects your data for piece-of-mind.



Our Spoke Support team will help you migrate from your current LMS and have you up and running in as little as four weeks.



We’ll schedule a demo and personalize it for you. You won’t be disappointed.



We’ll customize a solution that works for your budget and timeline.



Meet your Spoke Support Team and together we’ll create a plan to meet your goals.



We’ll help you migrate data and content from your old LMS and set up everything in Spoke.



We’ll help with messaging, announcements and best practices to get the most utilization.


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Don’t go another day over-paying for an under-used, clunky LMS.

Contact our Spokes-people for a personalized, no-pressure, human-to-human demo. You’ve never seen a social learning management system like this before.