Product Knowledge Training

Go beyond the specs.

Product training isn’t keeping up with modern sales teams. It overloads people with tech jargon, product options, and buzzwords. Benefits are buried, and it’s not clear how to effectively take that knowledge and use it to win customers. It’s no wonder employees say their product knowledge training is a waste of time.

Enough is enough. You want better product training. Your team wants it. And we’re here to help you make that happen. Together, we’ll develop custom training that empowers any employee—not just your sales reps—to confidently describe and recommend your solutions.

Product Training: Redefined

Your team is going to stop dreading their product knowledge training and start wanting more of it—and be more confident and productive to boot. Here’s why.

no jargon

Easier to Understand & Apply

We incorporate real-world scenarios and specific, realistic “words that work.” Contextual training content resonates better with people and makes it easier for them to apply what they learn when they’re with customers.


Doesn’t Cause Learner Fatigue

45-minute courses are ineffective. Learners tune out and they don’t retain much information, if any. We make content in bite-sized chunks so training is quick to take and easy to understand and remember.

compelling content

Compelling Content

Product training is notoriously cut-and-dried, boring. We flip the script and hook learners with content that’s fast-paced, conversational, and weaves in smart humor.

easier access to product training

On-Demand Access

We work mobile-first. Our product training looks and works great on any device so learners can take their training where and when they need it.

intuitive product training

Ongoing Practice & Application

Use it or lose it. To be their best, team members need ongoing reinforcement and practice. We deliver just-in-time refresher training to keep their product knowledge current. Combined with fast-paced games and activities, employees can practice and build their product positioning skills.

rapid response product training team

Rapid Response

We know how critical it is to get new information to the field fast. We’re nimble and scrappy, and can deliver training quickly to keep your team up to date.

Product Training Topics

Our custom product training addresses topics like:

  • Product benefits and features
  • Product positioning
  • Competitive landscape

We deliver content in a variety of formats, including eLearning, interactive workbooksinstructor-led training. We work with you to determine the best mix of modalities for your needs.

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Working with Unboxed has been phenomenal! We needed to create eLearning modules to help our sales reps master product knowledge. Unboxed produced content that was fun, engaging, and entertaining. Our pre- and post-test assessment scores show that the courses were effective in transferring knowledge. Way to go, Unboxed!

Learning and Development Specialist, HD Supply

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