Custom eLearning Solutions

Because off-the-shelf eLearning won't get the results you need.

Vanilla, generic eLearning that relies on talking heads to deliver training doesn’t cut it any more. Learners are bored, disengaged, and not absorbing or applying their training.

Training needs to evolve to get results. Learners are used to a world with YouTube and Netflix. Content must be fast-paced, contextual, available on demand, and entertaining.

Enter the full suite of cutting-edge custom eLearning solutions from Unboxed.


From eLearning courses and simulations, to training videos and animations, our eLearning solutions have been proven to keep learners engaged, increase retention, and deliver results.

Learning Management System

It starts with a great platform. Meet Spoke®, the world’s most engaging learning management system.


Spoke learning management system

eLearning Courses & Simulations

Finally, eLearning your employees won’t sleep through.

Designed to teach knowledge, skills, and behaviors, our eLearning courses and simulations stand out from the crowd with content that grabs your learner’s attention, compels them to listen, and helps them apply what they learn.

Custom eLearning - Live Action

Training Videos

Whether you need to model best practices, generate buzz for a new product or company initiative, or get people up to speed on a new software tool, we’ll produce a video that commands attention and makes change happen.

Our award-winning solutions include live-action videos, animations, and screencast tutorials.

live action video


We can help you incorporate eLearning in various initiatives, including:

Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training

Reach your A-game faster with an onboarding program that’s more fun and more effective.

Product Training

Sales Training

Leadership Training


Our clients have experienced the results firsthand. Here’s a quick peek at some of the results our custom eLearning solutions boast.

Berkshire Hathaway Media Group


Berkshire Hathaway acquired more clients and reduced churn by rolling out a series of brief product and behavioral training videos.




AppNexus scaled their client onboarding worldwide with animations that let their reps spend less time on basic training and more time on strategic consulting.


Nextworth logo


Nextworth cut variance in half and achieved double-digit improvement in trade-in accuracy using our custom eLearning courses.


If you want something fresh, something different and engaging, then work with Unboxed. They’re really going to take the time to listen to what you’re looking for, understand who you are, and create really strong solutions that are gonna knock your socks off.

Head of Global Learning and Development, International Packaged Foods Producer

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