Rick Beddard

Director of Software Engineering

Fun Facts

  • Loves haggis and Chipotle (how ‘bout a Chipotle haggis burrito?)
  • Dabbles in electronics and Arduino
  • Enjoys hiking and mountain biking with his family

On Paper

After high school, Rick joined the US Air Force and was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois as a Missile Facilities Specialist. He worked on power generation systems, diesel engines, pneumatics, HVAC, and all things mechanical. Rick then graduated summa cum laude from Fairmont State College with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. Before coming to Unboxed, Rick worked as a software architect, developer, and software engineer at Computer Associates.

In Person

Rick’s a self-proclaimed efficiency and automation nut. He brings his UI and project management talents to Unboxed along with some baller developer skills. Rick’s motivated by building products that better people’s lives and he thrives in a collaborative environment. In his free time, Rick enjoys some serious gaming, which as a hard-working family man, now means restraining himself to 1:00AM cutoff times on his Xbox.

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