Video Production

From scripting to post, we take care of everything.

Camera Speed. Action.

We handle all aspects of video production, from concept development and scripting to directing and producing the final video.

Video Production Process

Here are the steps, players, and milestones from start to finish.

Devin Bousquet

Get to Know Your Business

  • Learn business needs and desired outcomes
  • Get to know the audience
  • Review existing content and media

Recommend Video Solution

  • Develop creative concept
  • Create production timeline
  • Client approval on concept and timeline

Create Script AND Storyboard

  • Write dialog and scene direction
  • Client approval on script/storyboard

Prep for Production

  • Cast talent
  • Lock locations
  • Hire crew
  • Gather props and wardrobe
  • Secure catering
  • Pre-production meeting
    • Establish roles on set
    • Finalize shooting script and schedule

Shoot Video

Video shoot
  • 8-10 hour day(s)
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple actors at each location
  • Typical roles on set:
    • Director
    • Assistant Director
    • Producer
    • Script Supervisor
    • Director of Photography
    • Sound Engineer
    • Gaffer
    • Grip
    • Hair and Makeup

Edit Video

  • Load and organize footage
  • Prepare rough cut
  • Review with internal project team
  • Edit
  • Review with client
  • Complete final edits
  • Render final video and post


  • Deliver final video to client