Special markers in the Unboxed DNA

Content Strategy

We do more than delight users with clever words. We help you transform your culture and customer experience with content that’s clear, consistent, appropriate, and useful.

Content Strategy Team Members at Unboxed

Video Production

Unconventional video direction and sharp scriptwriting captivate, educate, and motivate people to change.

Filming a live-action training video

Software Development

Our tools are powered by best-in-class tech that’s incredibly intuitive to use, and sets the precedent for what others should be doing.


We handcraft experiences that make the complex simple and the mundane beautiful.

Working on a wireframe for a UI

Usability Testing

Our work is human tested and human approved.

Usability testing session

Quality Assurance

We make sure smart, efficient processes are in place so you get the best possible solution.

Unboxed Quality Assurance Team Members