Custom Training Solutions

Learning reinvented: un-boring, un-stuffy, un-complicated.

The way we access and consume content has changed drastically. We’re used to the simplicity of Google search; curated experiences based on our history and preferences; streaming content on demand; doing things in short bursts of activity.

People crave a similar experience in their learning. Long-winded, vanilla content and clunky learning platforms don’t cut it anymore. They make people tune out and stop caring.

Your employees will be more engaged, more productive, and more successful because of our training approach. What’s the secret?

  • Human-Friendly: Clear, concise, conversational language connects with learners and helps them understand and retain information better.
  • Contextual: Our content mirrors your company’s culture and real-world situations. Learners can easily apply their training to their day-to-day.
  • Compelling: Fast-paced, cleverly humorous, and interactive, our content and tools hook learners and fuel their drive to do more.
  • On Demand: With a mobile-optimized LMS and content, learners can access training anywhere, any time, on any device. And we keep things brief. Information is delivered in short chunks so it’s easy to consume and digest.

Custom Training Solutions

We support the entire employee journey from onboarding to leadership development.


Get your employees up to speed faster with onboarding training that’s more fun and more effective.



Go beyond product specs and empower your team to share a compelling, benefit-driven story to your customers.



Show top talent you’re invested in them. Retain and grow leaders and keep the wins coming.


Comprehensive Services, Products, & Support

We’re here to be your complete training partner. We offer a comprehensive range of services, products, and support in-house so you don’t have to run from vendor to vendor. This includes:

I appreciate the partnership with Unboxed and how quickly we can move because your team has a great understanding of our vision and direction.

- VP Human Resources, nTelos Wireless

If you want something fresh, something different and engaging, then work with Unboxed. They’re really going to take the time to listen to what you’re looking for, understand who you are, and create really strong solutions that are gonna knock your socks off.

- Head of Global Learning and Development, International Producer of Packaged Foods

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