Mobile App Closes More Sales

Comcast increases employee confidence, productivity, and sales with a new assisted selling app.

Challenge: Teach customers in Best Buy stores about the benefits of XFINITY® using a consistent sales process and compelling visual demos.

Results: 60% year-over-year sales improvement and 40% productivity jump in pilot stores, gained valuable customer insights, increased employee confidence.


Comcast brings exciting products and unparalleled choices to customers across America. Their state-of-the-art TV, internet, and voice services push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Through a partnership with the complete solution in mind, Comcast Connection Specialists can sell XFINITY® products from within Best Buy stores. This gives customers quick, easy access to XFINITY® packages that optimize their new Best Buy devices.


Comcast needed a selling tool that could accomplish the following:

  1. Make the sales process more consistent. Best practices needed to be translated into an easy-to-follow, repeatable model. A consistent sales process would capitalize on winning behaviors and empower more Comcast Connection Specialists to be successful in Best Buy stores.
  2. Establish instant engagement. As with any sales role, Comcast Connection Specialists need to immediately break the ice, build credibility, and establish rapport. In a retail setting like this, every minute with the customer counts.
  3. Educate customers. To understand how a product works, most customers need a quick visual demonstration—that’s why businesses often use brochures and one-pagers. However, Comcast wanted to leave their print materials behind and introduce a more dynamic, interactive, and compelling way to teach customers about their value proposition and help them make a smart buying decision.
  4. Measure customer interactions. Comcast didn’t have a way to measure what happened during conversations between Connection Specialists and customers. What packages did the Connection Specialist show the customer? How long did they talk? What were the customer’s needs? Who was Comcast competing against? The Comcast team wanted a way to collect insights to drive future product training, sales, and innovation.


Comcast saw us as an ideal partner for several reasons. First, they knew we’d be nimble, quick, and responsive. Working with a firm of our size meant we would pay close attention to the project and adopt a consultative approach from start to finish.

They didn’t [just] take direction and go for it. They challenged us a bit in a good way. They really listened to the request of the sales team. That is what they delivered.

“They didn’t [just] take direction and go for it. They challenged us a bit in a good way,” said Rob Simek, Executive Director of Sales Channel Marketing. “They really listened to the request of the sales team. That is what they delivered.”

Building an interactive sales tool was new territory for the Comcast team, and they knew they needed a partner with an extensive retail background. They didn’t just need an agency to create software—they needed an agency to advise, develop, and support the training and execution of a new experience from a retail perspective.

We teamed up with Comcast to understand their current sales process, pain points, customer needs, and Connection Specialist needs. This involved the following:

  • Meeting with field representatives and visiting Best Buy stores to understand the obstacles to closing a sale
  • Rapid prototyping to show preliminary designs to Connection Specialists and get their input
  • Hands-on training for Connection Specialists in the pilot stores
  • Observation in stores and weekly calls to gather and apply feedback and make changes


After a thorough discovery process, we applied what we learned to create the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) for the XFINITY® Assisted Selling Tool app. The app has two components:


The Assistant app helps a customer navigate through qualifying questions and provides a personalized product recommendation.


Advisor uses interactive simulations to demonstrate the features and benefits of XFINITY® products and services.

It was exactly what we were searching for. It made everything simple and easy to understand.


The XFINITY® Sales App has a simple, elegant design that’s easy and fun to use. More importantly, it gets results. Pilot stores experienced a 60% year over year improvement in sales, and productivity climbed 40%. The app allowed Connection Specialists to effortlessly log valuable customer insights.

The app also boosted Connection Specialists’ confidence and engagement skills. Qualitative feedback indicated the iPad provided a professional appearance, making it easier to approach Best Buy store guests. They called the app a “knowledge backup” that lets them focus on the customer. They also said it drives upgrades and helps close sales faster. “98% of a transaction can be done on [the] app, the rest [can be done] after the guest leaves the store,” said one Connection Specialist.

“It was exactly what we were searching for,” said Simek. “It made everything simple and easy to understand.”