Spoke® LMS Features

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

because an LMS should make training easier

Spoke has everything you need to train, engage, and reward your teams in an easy-to-use platform.

Blended and Personalized Learning

Organize all your eLearning, classroom training, learning activities, job-aids, and other content in one place.

Spoke Teams reduces the noise and only shows employees content that’s relevant to them and their role.

Social and collaborative learning

Empower your employees to connect and learn from each other in a simple, searchable environment.

Spoke Community lets employees ask questions and share expertise to keep the learning going long after the course.

built-in communication

Bridge the gap between training and communication with targeted and engaging news articles, email newsletters, and notifications.

Spoke News lets you announce new training and share employee-specific company updates.

Next-Level Gamification

Motivate and engage employees by letting them earn Spoke Coins, unlock badges, level up, and climb the leaderboard.

Spoke Rewards takes LMS gamification to the next level by letting employees redeem coins for real-world prizes.

Which LMs Features Do You Really Need?

Whether you’re choosing your first LMS, or making the switch, we can help. Download our step-by-step guide to help you identify your must-have LMS features and separate them from the nice-to-haves.

Configuration and Customization

Create a personalized learning experience for every learner by configuring Spoke’s branding, navigation, widgets, and other settings to match your needs.

The ultra-simple Admin Portal lets you configure and customize features using simple on/off switches, check boxes, and step-by-step wizards.

Security and Technology

Rest well knowing your data is safe in a secure, cloud-based platform powered by Microsoft and Amazon.

Enterprise-level security, daily database backups, and 24-hour monitoring protects your data for piece-of-mind.

“Spoke has led to increased performance for every team member. They connect with each other in the Community and tell me they can’t wait for more training to earn more coins!” Senior Vice President


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