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Our Story

We started Unboxed to help companies use technology to get the best from their employees and the most from each customer experience. In our combined forty-some years of retail and sales experience, which spanned from entry-level to the executive suite, we saw how technology could both intimidate and empower people. We set out to make technology a servant rather than a master—to create hi-tech training and tools that would help people be better workers and smarter consumers.

Whether we’re helping an employee understand a nuanced behavior or teaching a consumer about a complex product, we do what great teachers have always done—reduce confusion, increase confidence, and motivate people to make the best choices.

Our Mission

We contribute to the world by creating new ways to educate and empower people.

When we educate an employee or a customer, we give knowledge. This could be the knowledge to make an informed decision, the knowledge to answer a question, or the knowledge to succeed and grow as an individual.

When we empower an employee or a customer, we give confidence. This could be the confidence to greet a customer, the confidence to lead a new team, or the confidence to make a purchase decision.

Our Core Values

  1. Respect—Unique strengths and opinions inspire greatness.
  2. Excellence—Demonstrate consistently strong performance.
  3. Simplicity—To be simple is to be great.
  4. Trust—Without trust, we fail.